February 15, 2019 | Posted by Jadzia

10 Benefits of solo travelling

Many people think that travelling in a group is the best way to enjoy and the cheapest option. Sounds logical, but not quite practical. Travelling solo is much more enjoyable and here are 10 benefits of solo travelling.

1.) Find and meet more like-minded travellers.
Since you are not focused on your travel friends, you are more open to meet and talk with other travellers.

2.) No itinerary to follow.
As you are the boss, no one can drag you to places that you don't want to spend time. You decide when to wake up, when to go to sleep and where to eat etc. Actually I found it saves more time. It reminds me the saying that "if you want to go fast, go alone".

3.) Make long-lasting connections.
Since you are travelling solo, you have to do all the groundwork when visiting an unknown place. Spend more time on researching, planning etc. That mental process creates a strong connection with the place you are travelling. You will remember the place and all the details forever!

4.) Learn more about yourself.
Don't think that you are an introvert when travelling solo. Being alone is not easy. But it comes with advantages. It is healthy to pay attention to yourself time to time. When travelling solo, the whole attention is for yourself. You don't have anyone else to divide your attention between you and them. You start to think about your life, your future plans, life goals and even the meaning of life!

5.) Take a break from your trip.
It is easy to break the trip or change plans when you are travelling solo. Otherwise, you end up keep doing things because you will feel guilty if you pull back. Some people are more energetic so that they want climb each mountain one after the other. Some people want to take a break and get refreshed before climbing the next mountain. Or sometimes one can get easily sick. Travelling solo make it easier to take the decision of taking a break.

6.) Save more money.
It is cheaper if you are sharing a hotel room with a friend. But when you travel solo, you have much more options. You will end up in a cheap hostel bunk bed without having to worry about your travel partner's sleep. Probably you tend to buy fewer things to eat as you don't see what your travel partner is eating. Also shopping alone is a boring thing, so you spend less time in super markets and buying souvenirs.

7.) Become more confident.
By travelling alone, you have to do everything by yourself. Taking all the decisions and be responsible and accountable for those decisions is a life lesson. You will be very focused from the beginning, taking the flight, find place to sleep, spend less to eat, find places to see, we focus on your health and safety etc. If you are a shy person, you will become less-shy person at the end of your solo travel. When travelling with a group, you tend to stay back of the group and let the others to make decisions and just follow them. That will not improve your social confidence.

8.) Select your own experience.
When travelling solo, it is all about you! You don't have to worry about others feelings about the trip. You choose what you want to experience in your life. Jump on to a plane to travel to a place which makes you excited.

9.) Become better problem solver and decision maker.
You will be tackling all your issues by yourself when travelling solo. You will make wrong decisions, but you will learn the lesson and come out as a stronger version of you. The more you travel solo, the more problems will be solved by yourself. At the end, you will be good at making better judgments in your normal day-today life.

10.) Make long-lasting friendships.
You will meet other travelers with totally different set of knowledge, ideas, careers, physical attributes, languages, life styles etc. If you stick with your already known travelling friends, you will be always limited to their knowledge. Since now, you are exposed to totally new realm of experiences, you may find something new that will totally change you. The friendships that you create with these newly find people are long-lasting. It creates something special in your memory.

The summery:Solo travel will rejuvenate your soul, take a break from everything, start to learn about yourself better, reshape your personality and see the world in different perspective. So go on and give it a try!

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