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7 Easy ways to find and meet travellers while travelling solo

Solo travelling does not mean that you will be alone all the time. Actually you will meet more people than you expected if you follow some steps. You will be surprised how fast you can connect with strangers while travelling. You may be socially introvert, but if you change your activities slightly, you will notice that the opportunities to meet fellow travellers are endless. Always remind to yourself that no one is judging you and no one knows you when you are in a new city. So nothing to be embarrassed even if you do something silly. Remember that the people you meet while travelling make the whole travelling experience more rewarding. Read the following tips to help you meet awesome people on the way!

1.) Stay in a hostel
I know it is not comfortable all the time to stay in a hostel with a bunch of strangers. But do it at least for few nights when you feel to meet more like-minded travellers. There is no way that you can miss the other travellers while in a hostel. They have bars, events and communal areas to meet and interact with them, so you will make some friends in no time. What is hard in a hostel is to avoid other fellow travellers.

2.) Join group day tours
All the cities have day tours organised by locals or companies, sometimes by walking, ferry, bus or even cycle tours. It is a great way to see the attractions as well as meet other people in the same boat. There are many online resources to find day tours in every city. Or if you stay in a hostel, you will see many brochures about day tours. Some day tours have team activities such as dancing, cooking etc so definitely you will meet so many other travellers.

3.) Stay with a local
Use Airbnb to find a local host to stay with. Then you can get good knowledge about the local area from your host. Also it is a great way to get to know the host and make long-lasting connections. Instead of staying in a hotel and trying to figure out the local attractions by yourself, why don't you stay with a local and absorb all his local knowledge.

4.) Use some apps for travellers
If you are not very going person, it is always easy to start with an online app. So you can easily browse through the profiles matching with your travel plans and your personality. Not only it will save time, but also you will be more confident to meet them face-to-face as you already know some information about them. App like
Couchsurfing has hangout option to find other travellers. Trevolin is an app to find other like-minded travellers. It is easy to find other travellers with same travel plans.

5.) Flexible travel plans
It is good to have a rough plan of your travel, but it is hard when you have very strict plans. Sometimes you meet the right person or a group to hangout more and explore bit more. You will never know if you meet a similar person again, so it is better to take the chance and hangout with them bit more. You will not be able to do so if you have very strict travel plans.

6.) Beach and fun parties, night Salsa dancing
Beaches are awesome place to meet other travellers and it is hard to avoid beaches. If you are in a beach, already your mind is relaxed and make it easy to talk with strangers. Most of the beach parties are full of chilled people of different ages. So it is a great place to mingle with them and do some fun activity in the beach or just a good chat. Also social dancing in the night is a great way to meet people. You can easily find a place to dance Salsa. Use Facebook or other social media to find dancing events in your current city.

7.) Ride sharing
This is a totally new way of meeting people. Use Uber and uber sharing. Firstly, the Uber drivers are great local guides. You can get good tips of where to go, what to see etc. Also if you share the Uber with other passengers, there is high chance that you will meet some other travellers. Sometimes you rent your own car to explore an island which has poor public transport. Then you will see a lot of other travellers who are hitchhiking. Give them a ride and talk along the way.

Finally, think positively! If you are on a solo travel, you are already strong and awesome person. That is enough to go out with other travellers. Try some of the methods above in your next travel. Some of them might work, but if not, don't be disappointed. Some travellers can be tired and not receptive when you start conversation. That is totally fine. Trust yourself, go solo and meet awesome like-minded travellers.

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